Free parking for car owners

Your car is available to rent to ForestCar members while you are away

Your car is fully covered by our insurance and carefully looked after by our team

We manage everything including all bookings, payments and rentals

And you get paid depending on how much your car is driven!

Better rentals for everyone

Low prices and no hidden fees or aggressive sales tactics

Premium service with no queues, paperwork or hassle

24/7 breakdown recovery and comprehensive insurance

Start renting from fellow travelers

Reducing waste and planting trees

Car sharing reduces the number of cars in society and cuts emissions from the production of vehicles. But we want to go further, so...

  • We plant a tree for every day we rent out a vehicle.

  • In addition we use 1% of our revenue or 10% of our profits (whichever is greatest) to invest in carefully selected reforestation programs.

  • We also give car owners the option to donate their earnings to reforestation.

Why do we plant trees?

Trees are the best! These are just some of the
awesome benefits of trees:

Absorb CO2

Trees help cool the climate by absorbing CO2. One tree can absorb half a ton of CO2 in only 10 years!

Foster biodiversity

Tropical forests are the most diverse ecosystems on earth providing habitat to millions of species.

Protect soil

Forests protect against erosion and reforestation can reverse desertification.

Reduce air pollution

Trees clean the air around us by absorbing pollutant gases and filtering out particulates.

Support communities

Forests can provide food and a source of income to local communities in a sustainable way.

Improve water security

Forests increase groundwater levels and help prevent droughts by acting as a sponge.